• Soy wax KERAX 4130 for making candles in jars (1kg)


Soy wax KERAX4130 is intended for making candles in containers.
This wax is white in color. Perfectly retains odors and spreads them. Sets nicely and evenly. The bottling temperature is low enough, so it is very suitable for the production of candles with essential oils. "accepts" paint perfectly. Suitable for use with wooden wicks.

Melting point: 34°C
Bottling temperature: 50-55°C
Add the scented oils just before pouring the wax into the molds.

The recommended amount of aromatic oils in the wax is 5-8%

Essential oils 5-10%

Wax form - granulated lozenges


  It does not contain or come into contact with any animal or GMO products during its production stages
Contains no residual solvents as per CPMP/ICH283/95 guidelines.
not tested on animals.
Factors affecting uneven solidification:
Melting point of wax
If the wax has not completely melted (completely clear), crystallization can cause side effects. Also, this wax should not be overheated; heating above 85°C does not guarantee all the possibilities listed above.
Pouring temperature.
Cooling too fast can cause cracks.

The wax is made from:

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Soy wax KERAX 4130 for making candles in jars (1kg)

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