Candle Wicks

Candle Wicks

With us, you will find not only cotton wax wicks, but also cotton non-wax wicks, which are commonly used in the manufacture of hard candles (but not necessarily).

We have several wooden wick positions adapted to different can sizes and shapes, from standard panels to cross but extremely chic looking round wooden wick tubes. The range also includes metal wooden candle wick holders.

Well, of course, the most popular are ours WEDO STABILO wicks:

Recommended sizes in low melting point vegetable wax according to the inner diameter of the jar:

38-39 mm - Wedo Stable size 3

39-40 mm - Wedo Stabilo size 4

43-47 mm - Wedo Stable size 6

50-64 mm - Wedo Stabilo sizes 8-10

65-74 mm - Wedo Stabilo size 12

75-80 mm - Wedo Stabilo size 14

> 81 mm - Wedo Stabilo size 16 or other larger sizes (18, 20, 22)

How to choose the right wick here:

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