Candle jars

Candle jars

With us you will find a fairly wide selection of jars for the production of candles.

We have a variety of containers for sale, not just for candles. You can use some pots as a detail in your home interior decor.

We have clear glass jars, others called just glass, colored glossy or frosted jars, decorative and highly decorative (geo-cut type) jars with gold or silver details.

The sizes of the jars are different, some with lids, others without them, but even for most of the jars we have, we can adapt the cork lids we have created and released. Thanks to the cork caps, your product will not only look natural, but will also have an unconventional, eye-catching look and, most importantly, will help the scent stay longer and protect the surface of the candle from dust!

 We recently added thick glass amber jars with black lids to our range. We can also offer small capacity aluminum container for candle production. Some positions have a clear metal cover; we even have four attractive and all-round colors to choose from, i.e. gold, silver, white and muted pink metal containers.

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