Wax for candle makking

Wax for candle makking

We even have several types of wax for candle production in both jars and forms. We also offer to buy wax for the production of dry house fragrances (solvents)

With us you will find:

* Natural soy wax Golden Wax 464 (for candle production in dishes)

* Soybean wax SOY 41 (analogue of Golden Wax 464)

* Soy wax Soy 10 (very good price-quality ratio for the production of candles in dishes)

* Vegetable Rapeseed Wax, suitable for both candles in containers and candles in molds

* Rapeseed and coconut wax for dry home fragrances, melting cubes or tealights

* Kerax Kerasoy wax for candle molds,

* Kerax pillar 4160, palm wax for candle making molds

* Palm wax with a crystallization effect for the production of both solid and candle containers

* Soybean wax Golden wax 494 for dry home fragrances, cabinet fragrances, melting cubes / solvents

Want to buy more wax?

Be sure to email us!  kvepiamagija@gmail.com

KERAX KERASOY massage wax
KERAX KERASOY pillar wax for candle molds
Kerax Snow Powder (1kg)
Nature Wax C-3

Nature Wax C-3


Paraffin wax KERAX 485 (1kg)
Rapseed vax (9562, 1kg)
Soy wax  MELT&TART 494 (1kg)
SOY WAX 10 (15kg)

SOY WAX 10 (15kg)

85.00€ 96.00€

SOY WAX 10 (1kg)

SOY WAX 10 (1kg)

5.75€ 6.79€

Soy wax EcoSoya® CB135 (1kg)
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