• Soy wax EcoSoya® CB135 (1kg)


Wax for making candles in jars. The previous generation of EcoSoya CB-135 was available in flake form, now this product is available in lozenge form in 20 kg boxes.

Advantages of this wax:

• Nice and smooth exterior

• one pour is enough

• Excellent odor retention and dispersion

• Properly cooled wax does not leave "greasy" spots on the glass walls

• Suitable for use with essential oils due to lower pour point

• using alone may cause frosting on the surface, so lighter, pastel colors are recommended

Melting point - +37°C.

Recommended bottling temperature is 57°C (+/- 5°C).

Aromatic oils: 5-12%

Essential oils: 6-10 percent.

Preparation recommendations: Heat the wax to 70°C, set the wax melting pot, remove from the heat and let the wax cool. If using or essential oils, add them just before bottling and aromatize for 2-3 minutes. Pour the wax into the heated molds, when the wax reaches 60°C pour approx. 57° (+/- 5°C).

Factors affecting uneven solidification:
Melting point of wax
If the wax is not completely done (completely clear), crystallization can cause side effects.
Pouring temperature.
Candle molds should be at room temperature or higher.
Cooling too fast can cause cracks

Batch no. 785961

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Soy wax EcoSoya® CB135 (1kg)

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