• Nature Wax C-310, wax for candles in jars (1kg)


Nature Wax C-310 is a hydrogenated vegetable wax mixture made in Europe for the production of candles in jars and tealights. It's patented vegetable wax blend made from European soybeans, contains no petroleum ingredients and is non-GMO. It is quite popular because of its good fragrance both when the candle is burning and when it is not burning, it has a beautiful white, somewhat creamy color.

Both cotton and wooden wicks are suitable for this wax.

Thanks to the improved wax formula, this wax features:

Neutral smell

Smooth finish, i.e. has low crystallization when the wax sets (even with paint)

Excellent diffusion of the scent even when the candle is not burning

Clean burning

Wax form: small lozenges

Melting temperature +51°C.

Wax melting temperature +49-73°C.

Maximum heating temperature - +90°C.

Bottling temperature 55-65°C.

The optimal amount of scent in the wax is 5-7 percent, the maximum is 7-8 percent.

The amount of essential oils in the wax is up to 6%.

Aromatic oils are recommended to be poured at no lower than +60°C.

The wax is dermatologically tested. Not tested on animals

The production date of the marketed wax is 2023-12-06, batch no. 0037876588

It is recommended to use the wax within 18 months from the date of manufacture.

The wax remains stable and does not change its properties at a temperature of 5° - 29°C.

  Made in Eu

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Nature Wax C-310, wax for candles in jars (1kg)

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