• Rapseed vax (1kg)


Natural vegetable wax for the manufacture of natural candles in containers or molds.

This wax is creamy white. Perfectly retains odors. Larger candles may require a second fill of wax

It is a good choice for the production of hard candles to create stably burning, great looking and great scented vegetable wax candles. This vegetable wax creates a smooth, shiny, porcelain surface for your candle. It also has excellent odor retention and dispersion.

Melting point: 50-90 ° C

Bottling temperature: 60-65 ° C

Add the fragrance oil just before pouring the wax into the molds.

Recommended content of aromatic oils in wax 5-10%

Essential oils 1-5%

Wax mold -pastilles

Factors affecting uneven stiffness:

Wax melting temperature

If the wax has not been completely dissolved (completely clear), crystallization can cause side effects.

Filling temperature.

Candle shapes should be at room or higher temperatures.

Too rapid cooling can cause cracks

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Rapseed vax (1kg)

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