• EcoSystem RCX Melt Blend (1kg)

Kerax 4600 Pillar Wax is a Mineral wax specifically blended for use in pillar candles. It requires no additives and has outstanding stability and a long shelf life.

Old and partial candles can be re-melted and the wax reused if required. This wax is also suitable for molded candles, votives and wax tarts / melts. Blended wax can hold 10-12% fragrance oil and should be cured for 48hrs before burn testing at room temperature (~ 25C).

The wax is self-releasing from the molds. As with most pillar blends, this wax will require two to three pours, especially in larger pillar candles.

Recommended pouring temperature is between 55-65 Deg .c

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EcoSystem RCX Melt Blend (1kg)

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