Other candle making accessories

Other candle making accessories

Tools and instruments for the manufacture and maintenance of candles.

Here you will find a variety of tools that will facilitate your production process;

* various organza bags (you can put scented cubes in them and thus breathe rooms, cabinets, etc.);

* bottles for the production of car fragrances;

* boxes in which you can pack not only candles of your own production;

* candle wick centering tools;

* silicone molds for the production of candle and dry house scents

* digital thermometers (with their help you will be able to determine exactly what temperature the wax is and when it needs to be bottled);

* flasks (you will not only be able to add herbs to them, but also to present your products differently than others);

* candle wick scissors;

* Candle extinguishing tools

* stickers for convenient gluing of wicks, etc.

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