• EcoCOCO Pillar wax (1kg)

EcoCoco Pillar Blend wax is a natural coconut wax with natural additives of plant origin that improve burning and fragrance diffusion.

This coconut wax is for making solid candles and meltable wax cubes.

EcoCOCO Pillar has a subtle shine, excellent fragrance diffusion even before the candle is lit, smooth surface, bright white color.

The wax contains no artificial additives, GMO-free, paraffin-free, fully biodegradable, vegan-friendly and not tested on animals.

The wax is suitable for work with both essential and aromatic oils.

  One pour is enough for this Ecococo pillar blend wax (unless it's a very large and wide form). Complete freezing within 48 hours. (when the room temperature is about 25°C), as for other candles.

For this wax, we recommend choosing larger than usual wicks.

Forms should be at least room temperature or warmed to, but not less than, 45°C

The form of wax is granules

Wax melting point 52 °C,

It is recommended to melt the wax up to 75 °C

The optimal amount of scent in the wax is 6%, the maximum amount of scent is 12% (essential oils up to 5%).

The temperature of adding the fragrance is 65-70°C

Wax bottling temperature 62-65 °C

Paint mixing temperature - 75 °C

Wax storage conditions: best to store at +20°C or lower, in a dry, ventilated room. Avoid extreme conditions, i.e. +5°C and below and above 28°C.

The manufacturer guarantees that properly stored wax is suitable for use for 2 years.

Production batch no. of this wax.

date of manufacture

Country of origin: UK

Keep out of reach of children, inedible.

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EcoCOCO Pillar wax (1kg)

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