Luxury candles

Luxury candles

Soy wax candles in luxury dishes.

All candles in this category have a distinctive look, i.e. the jars are luxurious, the decor is kept up. With these candles you can breathe your home without even lighting it, just open the lid and the house will be filled with a wonderfully pleasant aroma. When you light a candle, you will also feel the aroma, but it will still pulsate and warm, creating a cozy and inspiring atmosphere in your home.

Decorative and luxurious bowls will be a great detail to complement your home decor. After burning out the candle, you will be able to use them for a lot of things - from an elementary "pencil" or cosmetic brush holder to a cookie hideout :)

  Well, if you don't think of anything - write to us, we will add new candle aromas to your dishes, which will continue to delight not only you, but also your guests with their pleasant aromas.


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