Car fragrance - a pendant

A beautiful thick glass bottle with an openwork stopper with a wooden stopper inside;

 Capacity -7ml

Usage: Unscrew the bottle cap, remove the protective plug, screw the cap back on. Hold the inverted bottle for 5-8sec and you can already hang it in your car and enjoy the pleasant aroma;

Possible odors:

#1 - Cinnamon, Cloves, Orange Blossom, Sandalwood & Cedarwood (KASHMIR)

#2 - a pleasant, masculine fragrance inspired by DIOR

#3 - fresh aroma of oranges, tangerines, jasmine intertwined with amber, sandalwood, tonka bean and vanilla aroma (COCO)

#4 - male Cuban tobacco, warm spice aroma (CUBA)

#5 - black currant, pear, patchouli and cream (BELLE)

#6 - aromas of black currant, musk, cedar and sage inspired by BLACK OPIUM

#7 - ripe grapes, peaches, oak wood, cedar and vanilla (TUSCANA)

#8 - Tobacco and honey, patchouli and citrus intertwined with the aroma of amber ( SECRET)

#8 - The rich aroma of bergamot and patchouli intertwined with cardamom, amber accords creates a luxurious and unforgettable aroma (AMBER)

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Car fragrances (black)

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