Candle in small jar

Candle in small jar


We produce soy wax candles in smaller containers. We have both metal and glass containers.

 Why choose a small capacity soy wax candle?

* you may not be sure about the chosen scent, but you want a good and quality product (i.e. with a long burning time, natural)

* you need a small gift

* you need an accessory to the gift

* it is a gift for a future business dresser or partner, showing how important it is for you to maintain a local business and conserve the ideas of naturalness and environmental friendliness

* ...

We use only 100% vegetable soybean wax made from soybean oil; it is completely natural and naturally degradable by microorganisms. It is a great alternative to palm wax, paraffin or beeswax, and most importantly, there are no modified substances. We use both cotton (no lead, zinc) on wooden, waxed wicks. So when you buy candles made by us, you can be sure that you have a 100% natural, ecological product, which is also made by hand!

Soy wax candle   GOLDEN AURORA
Soy wax candle MINI G
Tealight candle (natural)
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