• Diffusol A  base

Diffusol A is a universal and non-toxic fragrance carrier with
degreasing properties. It is suitable for use in all types of air fresheners
, but also in scented candles and cleaning agents.

It has a virtually imperceptible smell and mixes perfectly with water.
It does not contain allergens (however, trace amounts of soy are not excluded - it is made of glycerin made from soybeans.)
Used by recognized brands of air fresheners who have long been
looking for a healthier solution for their products.


Examples of applications with suggested dosing:

Stick diffusers:
Fragrance 10-20%
Diffusol A 80-90%
(possible to replace part of diffusol A with ethyl alcohol)

Heating diffusers (electric):
Odor 10-20%
Diffusol A 80-90%

Gel diffusers:
Odor 5-15%
Water 70-80%
Diffusol A 5-15%
Thickener / avg. gelling 3-5%

Car air fresheners:
Odor: 5-15%
Diffusol A 85-95%
(possible replacement of Diffusol A part with ethyl alcohol)

Spray fresheners:
Fragrance: 2-5%
Diffusol A 95-98%

Fragrance: 2-10%
Diffusol A 1-5%:

Wax / Paraffin: other

When used in candles, the following can be observed:

  • improving the blending of fragrance with wax
  • dilutes the fragrance and accelerates / intensifies its emission
  • reduces smoke
  • improves the appearance of the mixture (smoother and more homogeneous)

The main ingredients of the product are:

2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxolan-4-methanol CAS Number: 100-79-8
2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxan-5-ol, CAS Number 3391-30-8

And the only warning is for the eyes: H319 - Eye Irraiation category 2

This product is REACH compliant, not on the SVHC list,
is non-toxic to aquatic organisms and is also biodegradable.
(The manufacturer specifies a shelf life of 12 months)

Safety data sheets are under preparation and will be available soon.

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Diffusol A base

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