The ZEN diffuser, which meets the highest ecological standards, is a certified diffuser for air humidification and purification.

A pleasant play of scents and colors will create a magical atmosphere in your home (or wherever you are), allowing you to relax and break away from the worries of the day not only for your mind but also for your body. Enjoy inner peace here and now!


The new generation of ultrasonic diffusers works extremely quietly, making them suitable for use in the bedroom, yoga classes or work. The humidifier switches off automatically at the end of the water or the set operating time. VONIVI ultrasonically converts water into steam and, together with the essential oil particles, distributes it evenly in the environment.


The diffuser has a capacity of 300 ml, has an adjustment of irrigation time, is light and durable construction, has adjustable soft lights, creates a mysterious atmosphere, relaxes, heals, delights the body and soul.


The air is in constant contact with the surface of our body - the skin is the largest organ of the body, moisturizing heals dehydrated, itchy, reddened skin, helps to get rid of dandruff, and aromatic oils stimulate natural regeneration, inhibit inflammation. The diffuser effectively helps to cure the effect of * dry eyes *, helps the airways to maintain normal function, especially helps to treat allergies and obstructive pulmonary disease. The healing effects of aromatherapy on the body are described in the writings of millennia-old Ayurveda and Chinese medicine doctors and proven in the scientific articles of modern medicine. The complex effect of air hydration and aromatherapy promotes cell regeneration, relieves inflammation and stimulates the body's natural healing processes.


The water in the humidifier must not exceed the "MAX" limit!

After using the appliance as described in the instructions, it is recommended to clean it with a small amount of detergent and then rinse again with clean water and dry gently with a cloth.

Manufacturer - Vonivi

Model Name: Zen

Condition - new, high-quality aromatherapy diffuser, evaporator

Design - light wood

Technology - ultrasonic

Capacity - 300 ml

Works extremely quiet, suitable for use in the bedroom, yoga classes

Adjustable operating strength

Two operating modes - continuous steam and intermittent steam

Four operating modes:

1 hour
3 hours
6 hours
ON - Continuous operation until the water runs out
Safe to use! Integrated safety mechanism. Automatically shuts off when the water runs out

Adjustable LED light play - can be turned on and off regardless of steaming mode, color gamut adjustment

Suitable for use with aromatic oils for aromatherapy "aroma therapy"

Easy to use



* Materials: PP / ABS / PC

* Input Voltage: AC 100 ~ 240V

* Output Voltage: DC 24V, 650mA

* Power: 14W

* Serviced area: 15 ~ 40m2

* Performance: ≤36pcs

* Dimensions: 168 * 120mm.


1 * Aromatherapy diffuser

1 * Power cord

1 * User's Guide

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Humidifier ZEN

  • Brands Vonivi
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