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The unique new generation VONIVI high-quality rechargeable ultrasonic odor diffuser humidifier with LED projector and night lamp with ecological certificates (without BPE) - for health, happiness, wonderful atmosphere and beautiful life. The play of scents and pleasant colors creates a magical environment that allows the body and mind to break away from everyday worries, relax, feel inner peace - enjoy the moment here and now.

Effectively distributes essential oils and illuminates the room with magically looking colors.

By turning on the LED projector and removing the hood, you can enjoy magical lighting throughout the room, and by replacing the hood, you can enjoy unique star diffuser lighting. The lower part of the diffuser also has additional LED lighting, so it can be used as a night light.

Two light modes - a magical image of celestial bodies or Christmas.

6 different variations of LED lights


New ultrasonic technology VONIVI breathing diffusers are extremely quiet - perfect for use in the bedroom, yoga class or work. The humidifier automatically shuts off when the water runs out. VONIVI ultrasonically converts water into steam and, together with particles of aromatic essential oil, distributes it evenly in the environment.


The ultrasonic diffuser has a capacity of 630 ml, is rechargeable, fully rechargeable for up to 2.5 hours, also has extremely beautiful, magical lighting, can be used as a night light, light and durable construction, perfectly creates a mysterious atmosphere for children's sleep, relaxes, delights the body and the soul.


The regenerative effects of aromatherapy on the body are described in millennial Ayurvedic and Chinese writings and proven in modern medical articles. Give the joy of aromatherapy to your loved ones!

Rechargeable ultrasonic odor diffuser humidifier with LED projector and night light for spreading essential oils without BPE

Volume 630 ml

Materials PC + ABS

Irrigation capacity -35 -50 ml / h .;

Size 195 * 115 * 115 * MM

Weight 700G

Power 4.5W light, 2W diffuser

USB cable

Battery capacity 2000mAh

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Humidifier STARLIGHT

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