• Wooden  LB Wick, (LB3, 0.76x15.88mm)


Wooden wick LC Booster Wick, LC3

  these are Lumetique Crackling Wick LC3 wicks that are suitable for use in vegetable soy and beeswax.

These wicks have extra reinforcement and are suitable for dishes up to 85mm in diameter.

Wick thickness: 1.16 mm

Width: 15.88 mm

Length: 152mm.

Dimensions may vary slightly.

Wicks are sold without holder.


    • Before burning, it is recommended to cut the wick to 3-5 mm. If the wick is too long, it can simply go out.
    • Before re-igniting the wick, carefully remove the resulting deposit. Failure to do so may result in a weak flame.
    •   The crackle and the size of the flame depends on the concentration of the selected wax and fragrance. The recommended amount of fragrance in the wax is up to 6%
    • We recommend extinguishing the wooden wick when about 13-15 mm of wax remains in the container.
    • Do not burn a wooden wick for more than 4 hours at a time.
    • If the flame of the wick becomes high and "jumps", it means that the wick needs to be shortened.
    •   Wood can change the color of the wax due to the tannins it contains.

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    Wooden LB Wick, (LB3, 0.76x15.88mm)

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